More than learning

  1. We work with individuals 1:1 after school or pullout during school hours.
  2. We work to strengthen short and long term memory processing to improve and develop "more efficient learning tools, and to make the brain more efficient."
  3. Use brain-based techniques and equipment to help build the basic skills needed for success.
  4. Increase independence and work quality since the therapy is customized.
  5. Work with parents, teachers, and other professionals to help bridge success.

Education therapy, designed for those who...

...Struggle with frustration and anxiety due to learning problems. We help those that have difficulties with memory, fact retention, reading, writing, math, processing difficulties, comprehension, and anxieties dealing within the academic setting. We can help solve these issues.


Our goal is for each individual to enjoy learning, increase self-esteem, gain academic success, stop their pain and ease their frustrations with school.


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