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Welcome to the Wunderling Learning Center

At the Wunderling Learning Center We provide Education Therapy, designed for individuals who...

Struggle with frustration and anxiety due to learning problems. We help those that have difficulties with memory, fact retention, reading, writing, math, processing difficulties, comprehension, and anxieties dealing within the academic setting. We can help solve these issues.


Education therapy is more than tutoring
1. We work with individuals 1:1 after school or pullout during school hours.
2. We work to strengthen short and long term memory processing to improve and develop "more efficient learning tools, and to make the brain more efficient."
3. Use brain-based techniques and equipment to help build the basic skills needed for success.
4. Increase independence and work quality since the therapy is customized.
5. Work with parents, teachers, and other professionals to help bridge success.


Our goal is for each individual to enjoy learning, increase self-esteem, gain academic success, stop their pain and ease their frustrations with school


About Us

Executive Director, Ruthie Wunderling

Founder of the Wunderling Learning Center
Taught for over 15 years
Began tutoring individuals in 1997

  • Slingerland Certified 1997
  • Multisensory Specialist Certification 1997
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Learning Specialist - Schools Attuned Trained (Mel Levine - All Kinds of Minds)
  • Making Math Real - multisensory math trained
  • PACE Certification
  • Edutheraputics - dyslexia remedial specialist in CA
  • Brainware Safari Certified
  • Captain's Log & Sound Smart Certification - Memory and Attention Training
  • Samonas Sound Therapy Certification
  • RAVE-O Certification 2010



Our goal is to help stop the pain, embarrassment, and frustration associated with learning problems.


The Methods at Wunderling Learning Center

Does your child struggle in any of these academic areas?

  • Short & Long Term Memory
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Following Directions
  • Visual or Auditory Processing
  • Anxiety & Is Overwhelmed with Schoolwork
  • Retention of Facts
  • Writing
  • Slow Processing Speeds
  • Attention and Focus
  • Frustration or Overwhelmed in School
  • Mentally Gets Lost, Loses Their Picture, or Doesn't Understand What To Do In Class?

The Wunderling Learning Center uses...

  • Slingerland Techniques
  • PACE Provider (Ken Gibson)
  • Master the Code (with PACE)
  • Making Math Real Techniques
  • Samonas Sound Therapy
  • The Listening Program (Advanced Brain Technology & Gayle Moyers)
  • The Learning Ears (Gayle Moyers)
  • Brain Based Learning Techniques and Cutting Edge Software
  • Captain's Log Professional (Attention Training & Focus)
  • Brain Ware Safari Software
  • Sound Smart Consultant
  • RAVE-O (Center for Reading and Language Institute by Dr. M. Wolf)
  • PATH to Reading (Perception Dynamics Institute)
  • Multisensory Techniques

The brain can be trained and memeory can be improved with the correct programs. When utilizing appropriate techniques designed to accommodate learning styles, individuals will strengthen weaknesses and reduce academic struggles.

Upcoming Notices

2014 Summer Sessions

The summer of 2014 is coming up! More information about the scheduling and availability of the summer sessions coming soon!


Contact Us

Main Office
1850 Middleton Avenue
Los Altos, CA 94024

Office phone
(408) 439-6078


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Make an Appointment

We do not currently have a form available for you to fill out so if you are interested in arranging an appointment with us please contact us through:

Email: ruthie@wunderlinglearning.com
Phone: (408) 439-6078

We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you very much for your interest!